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Faces de Jazz, New Orleans by Rene Brochard

Rene Brochard Biography


Paris 1926

French and Canadian painter Rene Brochard dedicated himself to painting in 1959. Since then, his style has always been marked by a bold, vivid, imaginative use of color and line, and an almost in-depth, sculptural quality of painting and drawing.

His travels have taken him from Canada to the deserts of the American Southwest, from New Orleans to Mexico, from the rainforests of South America to the Far East. All of these places have been sanctuaries of Brochard in his eternal quest, which is the quest of every artist worthy of attention for a greater purity and simplicity, a deeper meaning.

In 1962, while creating murals in Brasilia, he invented "oil-steel" paintings?, incorporating the use of relief in the form of semi-sculptured steel into the texture and design of his work. These paintings project lines and shadow outside of the limits of the frame.

With more than thirty years of solo exhibitions worldwide, including retrospectives, and paintings in many important international museums and collections, Brochard has a genuine talent and an artistic vision that makes it difficult to categorize him in just one artistic movement


2000 - Galerie de L' Isle. Montreal.

1999 - Galerie de L'Isle. Montreal.

1996- 1997 - Del Frate House. Pittsburgh.

1994 - Casa de Princetown. 1993 - Galeria Cardenal de Paris.

1989 - Alliance française. Chicago. - Alliance française. Toronto.

1967-1968 - Galeria de KYOTO Marubutsu.

1966 - Galeria Holgura. New York.

1964 - Fine Art Museum. Atlanta. - Alliance française. Panama. - � Balboa de PANAM� JWB Gallery

1963 - Galerie Greer. New York.

1961 - Museo de Arte Moderno. Guatemala. - Alianza Francesa. El Salvador. - University of Panama. Panama

1959-1960 - Galerie Monede. New York.

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