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Bellhop by Roberto Juarez

Roberto Juarez Biography

Chicago, Illinois, 1952 -

American painter and printmaker, Roberto Juarez is a highly acclaimed artist who earned an important position in the art world since his first exhibition in 1977. His travels to Mexico, Rome, the Dominican Republic, and India have a definitive effect on his art. His works are inspired by visual sources across a multicultural spectrum which he then reinterprets in his unique way. Juarez gravitated toward the traditions of Hispanic and non-Western painting, decorative arts and crafts, including pre-Columbian motifs. An Asian formal esthetic, too, is evident in the division of many of his canvases into vertical sections like those in decorative screens.


2002 - The Road to Aztlan: Art from a Mythic Homeland, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California

2001 - Roberto Juarez: New Big & Small Paintings, David Floria Gallery, Aspen, Colorado; - Roberto Juarez, Robert Miller Gallery, New York - Invitational Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York

. - Recent Acquisitions, Bronx Museum, New York - Roberto Juarez and Julio Galan, Richard L. Nelson Gallery & The Fine Arts Collection, University of California. - Botanica: Contemporary Art and the World of Plants, Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota - Duluth


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1997 - Rome Paintings, Robert Miller Gallery, New York - American Art Today: The Garden, The Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami

SELECTED MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS - American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York - Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York - Denver Art Museum, Colorado - J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky - Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Kansas City, Missouri - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - Miami Art Museum of Dade County, Florida - El Museo del Barrio, New York - Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Miami, Florida - Neuberger Museum of Art, State University of New York - The Newark Museum, New Jersey - The St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri

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