, Long Island City, New York

Brighton Local by Saul Chase

Saul Chase Biography

New York, 1945 -

In the GRAPHIC PRINTS and paintings of this ESTABLISHED American artist, soft, filtered colors lend a sense of placidity to stylised, HARD EDGE representations industrial buildings in deserted streets.

Saul Chase trained at C.C.N.Y. (City College of New York) and received a Masters degree in Fine Art from C.U.N.Y. (City University of New York) - Chase has received numerous AWARDS, including the following: - Julius Haligarten Prize, National Academy of Design, 152nd Annual Exhibition, 1977. - Julius Hallgarten Prize, National Academy of Design, 149th Annual Exhibition, 1974. - S.J. Wallace Truman Prize, National Academy of Design, 147th Annual Exhibition, 1972. - Salmagundi Club Award, Audubon Artists Society Annual, 1972. - S.J. Wallace Truman Prize, National Academy of Design, 144th Annual Exhibition, 1969.

Chase's work can be found in the following MUSEUMS and COLLECTIONS: - The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York, US. - Joseph Hirschhorn Collection. - The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, US. - Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. - Sara Roby Foundation, New York. - Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, US. - Canton Art Institute, Canton, Ohio, US. - First National City Bank, New York. - Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. - Richard Brown Baker Collection. - University of Wyoming Museum of Art, Laramie, Wyoming, US. - Mr. and Mrs. Harding Lawrence.

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