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Untitled (Pot of Flowers) by Vilany

Vilany Biography

Galicia, Spain

Vilany is an established Spanish painter whose work has been sold worldwide, in the United States, Canada, South America, Japan and Europe.

Throughout his career, Vilany has travelled, worked and taught all around the world. In the early 60's, Vilany travelled extensively through Europe and North Africa, honing his skills. In Paris and Rome he studied techniques in 19th Century Romanticism and French Impressionism. Then he furthered his education with independent studies of Cubism, Fauvism, Expressionism and Abstract art.

In the late 1960?s he came to the United States to study at the Art Student's League and Pan America Art School in New York After graduation he was offered a position as a teacher of fine art from 1970-74. Later he was an instructor of commercial art at the Pels School from 1975 through 1976.

In the late 1970?s Vilany was on the road again. He travelled throughout South America and the Caribbean studying the local customs and artist?s techniques. His reward for these efforts was a highly successful show of his work at the Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico.

Today, many galleries and art institutes exhibit his art and they include; Steel of Chicago; the Art Museum of Battersville, OK; and Ethan Allen, Inc.

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