Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Fields by Cong Kim Hoa

Cong Kim Hoa Biography

Hanoi, Vietnam, 1962 -

ESTABLISHED Vietnamese contemporary artist, Cong Kim Hoa works with lacquer- based semi-ABSTRACT paintings.

A graduate from the Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University, she is one of the few female lacquer painters.

Hoa explores the use of colours and compositions to produce semi-abstract motifs in her paintings, where one can often recognize faces, fish or lotus flowers. Her paintings may be viewed as an artistic approach to the elements of traditional Vietnamese life.

She has participated in several art exhibitions abroad, such as China (1996), Singapore (1997), Germany (1997), Denmark (1998, 1999, 2000), France (1998), Australia (1999), Argentina (1999), Sweden (1999), USA (1999) and Netherlands (2000).

Her works can also be viewed at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.

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