Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

The Pink Panther Strikes Again [after J.Koons] by Jirapat Tatsanasomboon

Jirapat Tatsanasomboon Biography

Samut Prakarn, Thailand, 1971 -

ESATBLISHED Thai contemporary artist, Jirapat Tasanasomboon blends POP ART with local and ASIAN themes.

Trained at the Chiang Mai University (graduation: 1996), he proceeded to obtain a Master Degree in Fine Art from Silapakorn University in 1999.

The artist uses a POP ART style to his subjects, often featuring well-known superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman as well as science fiction movies. His heroes are depicted in a distinctive Thai setting and are often seen interacting with more traditional Thai heroes and mythical figures, most of whom are characters in the Ramakien tales which stem from the Indian epic Ramayana.

Jirapat has participated in several art shows in Thailand and won awards in local art competitions.

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