Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Hoi An - Ancient Town by Nguyen Trung

Nguyen Trung Biography

Soc Trang, Vietnam, 1940 -

ESTABLISHED Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Trung is viewed as one of the most influential and respected among Vietnamese artists today.

He has a great ability to create well-organized texture, balance and steadiness in terms of ideas. Strong, decisive individuality and high purposefulness are the determinant factors that make up Nguyen Trung's art. Over the last decade, he has initiated a new current in Vietnamese art - abstract art based upon strict European rationalism interwoven with Oriental philosophical space.

Nguyen Trung has staged numerous shows in Vietnam and abroad and his works are collected by the prestigious Vietnam Fine Art Museum, Singapore Art Museum and the Bassano del Grappa Fine Arts Museum (Italy).

Some of his more recent international exhibitions have been in Singapore (1992, 1995), Japan (1996), Korea (1997, 2000), Italy (1998), France (1998), USA (1998), and Taiwan (1999).

Nguyen Trung is one of the few living Vietnamese artists whose works have been sold at major international auctions.

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