Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Reflections in the Lake by Pham Luan

Pham Luan Biography

Hanoi, Vietnam, 1954

An established Vietnamese artist, Pham Luan paints in a style greatly influenced by Impressionism. He deftly depicts the streets, markets, and landscapes of Hanoi and its surroundings, using broad descriptive brushstrokes loaded with paint. These studies of light and color portray both a deep affinity for his subject, as well as a mastery of his medium.

Luan graduated from Teachers Training College in Hanoi. Though a self-taught artist, he has become one of the most successful Vietnamese artists of his generation. His work hangs in the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Art, as well as in private collections throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2007 -

2003 - Armdean Gallery, London, UK - Galerie La Vong, Hong Kong

2002 - China Club, Hong Kong

2001 - Open House, New York, USA - Eastern Gallery, Chicago, USA

2000 - China Club, Hong Kong

1999 - Easter Gallery, Chicago, USA - Landon Gallery, New York, USA - Galerie La Vong, Hong Kong

1991 - Hanoi ? 36 Streets. Hanoi, Vietnam

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