Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Self Image by Santi Thongsuk

Santi Thongsuk Biography

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, 1969 -

This EMERGING Thai painter is a versatile artist, emphasizing BUDDHIST, FIGURATIVE, and POLITICAL themes, in his work.

Trained at the Silapakorn University, in 1994. the artist won the first ASEAN Art Awards in Singapore for the painting 'Breath in the Capital City'.

In his last exhibition, he focused on the bodies, minds and power of humans to show that humans belong to the animal kingdom, yet are distinctly different from all other living creatures. Humans have fingers, toes, heads, and bodies like any other mammal, though we also have a language and cognitive processes that are uniquely human.

Santi is a devout Buddhist who wants to show the beauty and power of human beings.

He has exhibited several times in Thailand and has also participated in an exhibition in Great Britain (1994) in ARTSingapore (2001) and was represented at the Christie's auction in Bangkok (2000) - "Important Thai Paintings".

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