How To Sell Art on the Internet?

Whether you are an artist, a gallery or a dealer, World Wide Web should be playing an important role in your sales and marketing. With a half a billion Internet users, if you are not using the Internet to reach current and future buyers, you are missing out.

As an online leader in gallery-quality modern and contemporary art, here are some of our recommendations that should assist you achieve a wider-than-real audience and incremental sales of your artworks, whether paintings, graphic prints, photographs or sculptures:

Get Online

It is pertinent that you do not miss this opportunity; so take advantage of the vast Internet user base. Remember that there is more to a Website than simply building it. Often a Website can simply be like a store in the middle of the desert - nobody enters! If you are building your own Website, remember to reserve a large budget to market it. If you decide to use an Online Arts company, get a sense of their monthly visitors.

Once you, as an artist or as a dealer, get Online, promote your online exhibition, just as you would your gallery exhibition - use your Website address on your business cards and promotion materials, in press interviews and everywhere else you can.

Images and Information

Clear images and adequate information are two key factors in achieving both sales and new admirers of your work. Internet implies that someone is seeing your work on a computer monitor. You need to make sure that they are getting as-realistic-as-possible image of your work. If you are not a great photographer, use a professional one; even one new sale will make it all worth it.

When someone views your artwork online, you will not be there to explain him/her the details. Do provide all the details that you can about yourself and the artwork. Importantly, keep your information updated.

Some sophisticated Websites allow their users to view artworks with life-like tools, such as View-to-Scale and Try-Wallcolor. Such tools help the viewer understand your artwork in near-real circumstances and should help you achieve a higher number of sales.

Gain Buyers Confidence

It is important that once you are online, your exhibition enables art lovers and collectors to make purchases in a safe and secure environment. Remember knowledgeable and prompt customer care, by Internet, telephone and facsimile, is particularly important in Internet-based sales, as is secure payment options.

Welcome to the new, dynamic world of online art and your widest-seen exhibition,

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