Henry Bateman Biography

2 June 1950, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Henry Batemen is an established Australian photographer whose spontaneity and creativity has taken him to a whole new level in the photography scene. His approach to photography is that of a street photographer where he has no pre- visualizations or set ups. What he sees is what he captures, quick grabs of a moment in time that appeals to his visual sensibilities.

Through the computer, Batemen deconstructs his photographs and introduces them to the realms of abstraction, questioning the motivation behind the images. Working with the elements of color, line, and form he explores the composition of the recorded moment in time to build a new image that explores the underlying decision that caused the shutter to be pressed when it was.

?There is no way I could pre-visualize this work, it grows organically as I play in the digital sand pit. More often than not, the final work bears little resemblance to the original photograph but conveys a deeper meaning that I was consciously unaware existed when I took the snap. And the results are often surprising, sometimes amazing and occasionally awe inspiring.? ? Batemen

Selected Individual Photography Exhibitions

2008 - Kalbaryo (March) OW Gallery, Manila, Philippines

2007 - Altered States II (September) The Photospace Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

2002 - Perth Streets for Florence Walls Impressions Gallery, Perth, WA

Selected Group Photography Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio.com

2004 - Altered States The Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery, Perth, WA

2003 - 3 Boys Legacy Art Expo (Featured Artist), Cottesloe, WA - The Iris Award (Finalist) The Photography Gallery of Western Australia

2002 - City of Perth Photographic Cultural Award (Finalist) Perth, WA - Digital Image Gallery Los Angeles, USA - Ulrick Schubert Photographic Art Award (Finalist) Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Qld

2001 - Digital Image Gallery Los Angeles, USA - Guest Artist MOCA.com, New York, USA