Irit Shemly-Taiber Biography

Photographer Irit Shemly-Taiber started her professional artistic career as a dancer, and in the course of time moved from performance in a motion theatre to art therapy and fine art photography. Her work offers a unique approach to the intermodal integration of visual arts, motion & drama. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel since 1992.

Shemly-Taiber holds an M.A. degree in Art Therapy from Leslie College, USA (1988), and two B.A. degrees (Psychology; Humanities & Arts) from Tel-Aviv University, Israel (1984). She has completed formal training in the fields of Psychodrama, Psychotherapy, Painting, Sculpture and Art Photography at several institutions in USA and Israel (1986-1997). A veteran art therapist practicing both in the USA and Israel, Shemly-Taiber is known for her expertise in integration of the arts in Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, teaches those disciplines in academic frameworks in Israel, and has been invited to lecture on her approach in international conferences.

Shemly-Taiber has participated in tens of single and group exhibitions in Israel (1992 to-date), and produces limited edition photo prints on canvas (canvas art prints).

Artist's Statement

A perspective on Irit Shemly-Taiber’s work, by the Curator of UniquEEE® virtual art gallery, Nira Shiran: "Her creations radiate a finely honed obsession with performance before the camera. Minimalist, yet very sensual, her work exposes an entire world of the joy of motion, the longing of the human body to feel itself and bond to the earth. It is suffused with extraordinary perspectives on the worlds of nature and humankind. Shemly-Taiber’s oeuvre expresses and reflects manifold aspects of her personality. The dance motif recurring in her work evokes a sense of consolation, making contact with the feminine archetype (Aphrodite/Venus), representing the feminine erotic ritual. This is essentially the fundamental narrative behind most of her creations, presented on®."