Ismael y Felix Lozano Biography

Seville, Spain 1994 and Barcelona, Spain 1969

Felix Lozano was born in Seville and lives and works in Vespella de Gaia, a small town close to Tarragona. His fascination for painting and art in general began very early, as his first works date to a very young age. In his first works he mostly worked with oil on cloth. Forms and colors are at the heart of his paintings, combining chromatic elegance with figures.

The point of inflection in his professional career happened some time ago when he discovered the extraordinary versatility and possibility of methacrylate and Polypropylene. He began to experiment with these materials and created unusual artistic pieces that have been shown in several galleries all over Spain.

In the beginning of the 90's, Felix's son Ismael began to collaborate with him. Ismael's study of design contributed to the great variety of his work. His work includes such pieces as lamps, sculptures, tables, and, paintings.

The aesthetic of Mediterranean light and color is always present in both Felix and Ismael's work. They ingeniously combine the innovation of modern materials with the classic sources of inspiration, such as nature and the ocean. Continuously exploring and investigating art and its possibilities, these artists cross all limits and borders.

Contributions to Exhibitions:

1996 - Individual, Sala Ateneo Ferrolan, Ferrol.

1997 - Design y decoration of Club Inae Brasil. Barcelona - Individual, Galeria E. Duran Show-Room, Tarragona. Painting and sculpture.

1998 - Individual, Galeria E. Duran Show-Room, Tarragona. Painting and sculpture.

1999 - Individual, Galeria E. Duran Show-Room, Tarragona. Painting and sculpture. - Contribution, Center of Exhibitions, Multimedia Art Quinta Das Cruzadas, Sintra. Portugal.

2000 - Restoration of house of Pablo Gargallo. Maella (Zaragoza).

2001 - Contribution, Fundacion Club Natacio Barceloneta. Barcelona.

2003 - Individual, Granero Art Gallery. Barcelona. Painting and sculpture.

2005 - Individual, Galleri Nordhordland. Knarvik, Bergen (Norway) - Contribution, Galerie Vangoghol. Amsterdam

In addition to these expositions and contributions, they have also participated in numerous expositions in association with other individuals.