Jaime Tobella Biography

Santiago, Chile, 1969

An established Chilean artist, Jaime Tobella now lives and works in Uruguay. He is interested in extremes and opposing elements, in what is intimate and what is foreign, in constant motion. He uses materials not traditionally found in the art world in a constant quest to explore and discover something new, and signs with a numerical code in reverse because ?the abstract should not bear a common daily label.?

Tobella studied at the National School of Fine Arts at the University of the Republic, in Uruguay.

He says of his work: ?The challenge of suggesting a new reality has led me to explore the contradictions and extremes by means of non traditional pictorial techniques. I am interested in seeing the work as a fixed point within a context. And that it should last, that the context be the one that is modified.?


2007 - PicassoMio.com - Mural Painting Exhibition. Paso de los Toros. San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay.

2006 - Design and Mural Painting. Rio Negro, Uruguay. - Design and Mural Painting. Falla Valencia. Montevideo, Uruguay. - Pareja Room, IENBA. Uruguay. - Symptomatology of Reality. Museu del Azuleio. Uruguay.

2005 - Mural Painting. Treinta y Tres National Heritage Day. Uruguay.

2004 - Pareja Room. IENBA. Uruguay.

2003 - Montevideo Town Hall. Uruguay.

2000 - IENBA. Uruguay.

1999 - IENBA. Uruguay.

1998 - Libri Arti Gallery. Uruguay.

1994 - National Library. Uruguay.

1993 - Enrique Flynn Room. OSE Central Building. Uruguay.

1992 - National Library. Uruguay.