Javier Oyarzun Biography

Strasburg, France, 1949 -

Emerging Spanish artist Javier Oyarzun's fluid, abstract mixed media works on paper convey strength in their apparent immediacy and simplicity.

Oyarzun attended the 'Taller de Arte Actual' directed by the renowned Spanish artist Luis Gordillo at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Oyarzun provided the illustrations for Manuel Gonzalez Burdiel's book of poems, ?En el jardin detras?

Selected Exhibitions:


Escuela Taller de Artes Plasticas de Madrid


Escuela de Relaciones Laborales de la UCM, Madrid


Escuela de Relaciones Laborales de la UCM, Madrid

Open Studio, Madrid


Escuela Municipal de Musica y Danza, Algete, Madrid

Galeria Piamonte, Madrid

In his own words:

Painting as the expression of ghosts of the subconscious.

Painting as the reflection of a desire: power, balance, knowledge, love.

There are certain constants in my work: solitary figures, black traces, a limited palette, a sense of strength and balance.

Painting is forms, lines, colours, material. Painting is a rectangle.

I use limited colours to give my paintings force and soberness.

The in-between spaces, the areas without paint, allow the painting to breathe.

Javier Oyarzun, 2003