Jean-Paul Albinet Biography

Albi, France 1954

A multidisciplined French artist, Albinet works with the subject of visual codes for various years. In 1990 he was the first artist to sign with a barcode, making the number 337731 a conceptual identity that corresponded with his CNUF registration (national code unifying suppliers) like a manufacturer of painted and sculpted works, or of objects. All of his production brought this brand to the textile factory.

Recently, after just creating his own alphabet he was inspired by the international language of barcodes, which allowed him to communicate in various languages. Visually every one of the letters that make the codified messages are symbolized through spaces of grouping and of painted bars over the stripes of the canvas in a brilliant, matte, monochrome tone.

The form of every element, with a characteristic reference to the pixel computer, causes you to think the group is constituted of an image that needs to be imagined.

Exposiciones Individuales:

1996 - Galeria Ferran Cano, Barcelona

1995 - Galerie Yves le Roux, Montreal, Canada - FIAC, espace Eiffel-Branly, galerie Krief, Paris

1994 - Galerie Krief Art Contemporain, Paris - Galerie MDJ Art contemporain, Neuchatel, Suiza

1993 - Galerie Fischlin, Ginebra - Passages, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Troyes - Espace Objets et Lumieres, Lausanne, Suiza

1992 - Galerie Patrick Riquelme, Vannes - Galerie Krief Art contemporain, Paris

1991 - Galerie M et M, Cannes - Galerie MDJ Art Contemporain, Neuchatel, Suiza

1990 - Galerie DBW, Chartres Galerie Johanna Vermeer, Paris - Galerie Stephane de Beyrie, Bordeaux

1989 - Mario R. Mainetti Gallery, Bale, Suiza - Galerie Axe Art Actuel, Toulouse

1988 - Galerie Antoine Caudau, Paris

Museos y Colecciones: - Ville de Paris - Arthoteque de Villeurbanne, Amiens - Canton de Geneve, Suiza - Arthoteque de Toulouse - Arthoteque de St Fons, Mulhouse, Estrasburgo - FRAC Auvergne