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This consists of a series of 14 original lithographs, on Vellin d’Arches paper, each bearing the printed signature of Miro and numbered in pencil. The group comes supplied in a white cloth portfolio case which is enclosed in a white paper printed envelope marked with the copy number . In the front of the portfolio is a “Justification de tirage”. The series was printed using the original plates for the portfolio LA MELODIE ACIDE, Published in January 1980.
Reference: (MAEGHT 1212 - 1225) ; Cramer 248.
Published by: Ediciones Poligrapha, S A , Barcelona
Printed by: La Poligrapha, S A., Barcelona
Edition: The edition consisted of the following print run: 20 series of 14 lithographs numbered from 1 to 20, plus 7 series, numbered I to VII and 11 series HC from A to K, all printed on Japan Nacre paper and all signed by the artist himself.
81 lithographs from plate no 1 numbered from 21 to 101, plus 26 lithographs marked A to Z, also on Japan Nacre paper and also signed by the artist.The present edition consists of 1500 prints on Arches paper of the original 14 plates, numbered from 1/1500 to 1500/1500, and with the artists signature , in the stone, on each of the plates.
Edition 848/1500

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