Joe Lasky Biography

London-based photographer Joe Lasky combines his passion for photography with his love of travel and discovering new places. He produces creative, documentary-style images of the people and places he encounters on his journeys through South America and North Africa.

A graduate of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Lasky has exhibited in London and Birmingham. His work has featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

In his own words

"I'm often asked what I like to photograph the most but I'm sure I never give the same answer. Like me, my photography is spontaneous. I like to catch everything from the intricacies of a resting 'guajiro' to the animism of a place lost in time. Latin America is one of my favourite places, somewhere that has really tugged at my heart & I am always sad to leave. The warm and passionate locals, vibrant music and colourful lifestyles contrast interestingly with the arduous and often corrupt conditions of the system. I've always seen my photography as a means of portraying this reality."

"To walk down a back street doused in history and culture is a visual education for me. Through my experiences, travel and photography I've learnt that life is ironically paradoxical as, collectively we spend so much time subconsciously categorizing each other when in reality, under our differing disguises, we are all the same.?