josep grifoll casas Biography

Grifoll (Casserres,1972) is the tireless searcher. At 6 years already he it paints at oil Estanislau Vilajosana (Manresa) participates in the Academy of the great painter, and he starts friendship with expressionists already consecrated like Marc Camps (Casserres-Barcelona-Berlin...).

At 10 years, the walls of home of their parents seem a museum of the small Grifoll that already sells one of his works and starts with their experiments (his paintings is manufactured with earth|lands, he paints mural in the rocky terrains of the forests of Casserres, etc.).

But it is not until the 19, when because of his repeated "crises" that practicamente stop|block him from going out almost during two years in the requirement, he discovers|reveals that he cures more the art than the psychiatry, so, and because of that, next photography|picture for three years in Barcelona at School of Heights studies Studies of the Image and the Design (IDEP), empieze with |their facilities, sculptures, ready-mades (without ever leaving the painting... every time more materica, since the photography|picture seems "flat" to him.

Of there until today, his works have been set forth New York, Milan, France (Arles and Paris), Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, etc... He portraits (and he establishes friendship with one of them) Joan Brossa, Juan Luis Panero, Palau i Fabre, etc... Enric Casasses together with Pascal Comelade they choose one of his poems (Grifoll has also published three books of poetry for Editions l ´ Albí), they set to music it and recite with the collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya (also he has set forth in some of his best rooms), Catalan Poetry 8 centuries in 20 mins (institution of him letters Catalans). Grifoll does not forget|leave encasillar...your tecnica and his work evolves diversifications in different ways of the same this the Urban Art (creator of GrillArt), together with his experimental photographies and your paintings and sculptures, etc... they do not stop surprising.

He collaborates with the movimentpuntzero, Kodak magazine, publishes etc in magazines like La Photographie... Grifoll is how one of these artists of the renaichemment... can find it riding an exhibition d'objects-trouvé painted and modified, he makes a performance, a video or working the iron, the stone, the wood... this yes, always without leaving the painting nor the poetry not even the his experimental creations.

Fan of Benedetti as well as of Rauschenberg, Munch, Kiefer, Lorca, Cortázar, Kieslowski, Bergman, etc... Quarter|Shoot not for of creating, of setting forth, of publishing, always in search of "this", this indecipherable secret that contains the human soul.

At present it works in several series at the same time, as well as he|she|it prepares an itinerant exhibition of its their "trunks and interpreted raices" (painting) and another of homage to writers like Kerouak, Kafka, Whitman, Lorca, etc... and one of portraits, that deprongs it is|treats with dyes and diverse quimics. Also it he has shown already some of its his designs and manipulations in the téxtil. His their following project? It can be that the same artist is still it unaware, but like all its his work, insurance did not stop surprising us.

(Jeanne Arnne)

Artist's Statement

Grifoll, 1972. Multidisciplinary artist, works the painting, the sculpture (metal, wood, stone...), so much like in its his artistic experimentation of every type.