Kate Newlyn Biography

Kate Newlyn is a self-taught sculptor. She was originally trained (1981) in the Performing Arts at Middlesex University, during which her focus began to shift from the spoken word of theatre through the more abstract and fluid image of mime to an even more condensed form of mask work. From there it was a short step into sculpture.

In 1984 she established a studio in Bristol, whilst also working as a part- time apprentice at a bronze foundry. She began to receive private commissions and represented Great Britain at International competition level.

In 1991 she moved her studio from the UK to the Greek island of Rhodes, where she was based for 6 years. She then spent a year in Turkey and after various working trips to the States and throughout Europe, she returned to the UK. She now lives and works in Somerset, sculpting to commission and running the Newlyn School of Sculpture.

A small selection of her sculptures are featured here, some inspired by the people of Greece and readings into classical mythology, others inspired by the classics and some simply by being human. To view more work please go to www.katenewlyn.com