Katia Loritz Biography

Switzerland, 1932

A mid-career Swiss artist who has lived and worked in Spain for decades, Katia Loritz works in an abstract style. Her paintings seem to explode with energy and power. The monochromatic backgrounds of her work serve as the perfect base for abstract creation. She often uses a spatula or her fingers to rough up the paint, creating texture, movement, and tension.

Loritz has exhibited throughout Spain, and her work hangs in collections around the world. She is perhaps even better known for her successful career as an actress than for her artwork. She was handpicked by Spanish director Rafael Salvia to star in Las Chicas de la Cruz Roja while studying fine art in Italy. After years acting for both television and film, she has devoted herself full time to painting.

Selected Individual Exhibitions - 2007 - PicassoMio.com

2005 - Sala la Casuca, Madrid, Spain

2004 - Sala Boston, Zaragoza, Spain - Casa de la Cultura, Calpe, Spain

2003 - El Jardin de Serrano, Madrid, Spain

2002 - Palacio de Cultura, Noja, Spain - Sala el Muro, El Escorial, Spain

1999 - Club Ayala, Madrid, Spain

1998 - Hotel Miguel Angel, Madrid, Spain

1997 - Hotel Miguel Angel, Madrid, Spain

1970 - Sala Pez Espada, Torremolinos, Spain

1957 - Galeria Migro Arbon, Switzerland

1955 - Galerie Migro Arbon, Switzerland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003 - Monaterio el Paular, Rascafria, Spain - Centro Cultural San Juan Bautista, Madrid, Spain

2002 - Centro Cultural Islamico, Madrid, Spain - Galeria Grisolart, Barcelona, Spain - Feria Mac 21, Marbella, Spain - Galeria a Dega, Lisbon, Portugal - Geria Arcale, Salamanca, Spain

2001 - Mercado del Arte, Madrid, Spain

2000 - Mercado del Arte, Madrid, Spain