Krit Ngamsom Biography

Krit Ngamsom was born in 1983 and graduated with a MA from King Mongkut's Institute in 2008. The whimsical installation features a specially produced series of LED illuminated polyester resin sculptures displayed within acrylic gift boxes and thematic containers. Krit is one of several Thai artists to explore themes associated with rural to urban migration. Known for creating playful kinetic artworks that combine everyday objects, Krit explores the novelty and superficiality experienced by outsiders upon encountering the vapidity and excesses of urbanites in Bangkok. In the exhibition Sparkle he focuses upon the empty ritualism of extravagant gift giving by wealthy Bangkokians during traditional holidays. He creates an ambient light and sculpture installation glowing with uncomplicated innocence. On a deeper level, his ironic artworks are an implication toward the economic, social, cultural, and growing political disparages between Thailand’s rural masses and the metropolitan elite. He has earlier participated in the group exhibitions Bangkok Bananas at Central World (2009), Bangkok 226 and Traces of Siamese Smile at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (both 2008).