Kritsana Chaikitwattana Biography

Hat Yai, Thailand, 1977 -

Young EMERGING artist from Thailand, Kritsana Chaikitwattana's EXPRESSIONIST art mainly emphasizes social themes in his country and across the greater part of Asia.

The artist graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Chulalongkorn University in 1998, and with a Master Degree from Silapakorn University in 2002.

He creates works by first carving on vinyl tiles or plywood and then paint with oil. Most of his works feature the grim faces of the poor who have taken the difficult journey to the city in order to try their luck and improve their lives. This is a statement expressing the artist's compassion and concern for the poor and homeless in Thai society. Some of his paintings feature the contrast and disparity between the middle class Thailand and the poorer segment of the society.