Linda Jane Smith Biography

Mid-career artist Linda Jane Smith creates realistic paintings depicting cats in everyday scenes.

Smith began her artistic studies at the age of 16 when she was accepted into the Bournville College of Art to study Graphic Design. She later organized exhibitions at local venues and sold work to The Stable Gallery in London, where she had her first major exhibition. Smith now sells regularly to The Halcyon Gallery in Birmingham, and is published by Washington Green.

Smith is an avid collector of all kinds of objects, vintage hats, purses, and antique china, which often turn up in her paintings. She states, ?I love the delicate nature of old faded fabrics, lace, and beaded jewellery. My work has a nostalgic feel, which reminds you of childhood days, reading the Beano comic, or sorting through Grannies button tin.?


2006 -