Luis O. Fornaro Biography

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 11/11/51, I come from a family of admirers of art, father, mother, grandfather, so from a very small memory that was home Andew Loomis's book (The Human Figure at face value), with its prodigious anatomy class and a quasi-erotic female figures, incredible for that time and very actuales.Junto this sinembargo also had some books artistic nude photography of my maternal grandfather J. P. Mercier had brought from France back in 50. Obviously the picture books had put out of my reach, in a library very high, but I always managed to reach them and enjoy those beautiful curves diavolo. No doubt these books had the seed planted in my eroticism. My first drawings were of anatomy, I was like a game, like a puzzle, always based in Loomis. Then in early childhood, tradition for anyone who has an artistic feeling, the blurred glass were a great attraction to sketch something great, also portray the family, parents, grandparents and so on. At age 13, at Schools RAGGIO enter a specialty, which was then called advertising art. She graduated in 1969, just received I began my journey as an illustrator doing magazine covers for various publications Bs My task was developed after many years in the advertising field working with almost all Advertising Agencies in Argentina, illustrating calendars, posters , notices etc. in an era where the hyper reigned. Participate annually in the sample of Illustrators Argentinos. I Editorial Atlantida illustrator for 30 years, having participated in all publications. Also for Spain by Ediciones Garcia Ferre collections of animals and natural history plates. I adapt to change occurred in the field, with the introduction of digital art, with very good results in one of my specialties, "dinosaurs" of which I have two books published. In 2001, after the crisis in our country, where the Professions practically ceased to exist, into a kind of stagnation that kept me away from work for almost two years, but I felt like a volcano about to explode, wise I had to do something new, something different in my life. Other times he had felt this feeling, but never at that time. . . . . . . . . . . . . so take the clay and here I am. As in nature, there are seeds that spend years and years under the earth, waiting to Presis, humidity, temperature and so on., The right conditions to germinate. Just today I feel like the seed sown Loomis books and my grandfather, but everything I've learned from my teachers, who knew and admired deeply, as my father, and Pablo Pereyra, Jose Luis Salinas, Carlos Roume, or not known as Norman Rockwell, Rodin and Michelangelo, make that seed has begun to sprout and I feel the artist for the first time in my life.

Artist's Statement

I think the best thing that can happen to an artist is work in creation, in my case with the mud, making new works every day progresses much, so I hope that the exhibitions and events such to organize the people who sell art. At the moment my plans are geared toward the erotic, my intention is not to disturb those who do not like the subject, just do it for those who can enjoy art and eroticism, so far I'm doing very soft pieces ... .. say, this provides for much more and opposite to this also makes sculptures that I like gaucho besides several topics such animals, the elderly and so on.