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Edition:  There were 250 proofs made on Velin Arches paper (Our example) 20 Proofs made on Japon Nacre paper 15 proofs made on Velin Arches paper for collaborators on the project numbered A to O. Reference:  Mourlot 445 ; Marc Chagall “Les Livres Illustres” by Patrick Cramer : Number 64. Size: 50.5 x 37 cms Note: In the Biblical story of Exodus Moses is discovered floating in a basket in the Nile by the daughter of Pharaoh and this famous scene is depicted here. Published by: Leon Amiel, Paris-New York, 1966 Note: In 1966 Chagall attempted an ambitious project : depicting the Story of the Exodus. The suite consisted 24 lithographs in colour and are a tour de force of exuberance and religious fervour. Printed by: Fernand Mourlot, Paris Price: £1250-00

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