Marianne Thune Haycock Biography

Marianne Thune was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Married an English army officer and travelled extensively.

She didn't start painting till she lived in Malaysia in 1962 where she received tuition from Mohamed Hussein the Malay painter.

Upon her return to Denmark in 1969 she studied at Odense Art Academy and had her own gallery on the island of Thuroe until 1981.

Upon the family return to England Marianne studied at Mid Warwick College and was awarded a Diploma and later post Diploma in Fine Art.

In 1987 Marianne returned to the Wales she fell in love with in 1952 and is now enjoying painting the beauty she finds here.

Selected exhibitions:

1969-1981 Exhibitions in Denmark

1985 Work with press coverage donated to the Ethiopian famine relief.

1985 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

1985 Commisioned by Birmingham Cathedral triptych "Birmingham-one world" received on behalf of the City by the Lord Mayor.

1989-1999 Several exhibitions in West Wales

2000 and 2001 Three Generations 1872-2001, Newton House, Dinefwr parc, Llandeilo.

2001-2002 Kingstreet Gallery, Carmarthen