Marley Lu Biography

Pseudonym "Marley Lu" I was born in 1983 in Bulgaria, in a small city, called Troyan, in a family that I did not feel much part of and one day at my 16 I found that the sheet of paper and pencil are my tools to hide, to be with me myself and in my own world creating while I was drawing. Because I did not understand the meaning of my illustrations and because of lack of support from my family, I decided to stop drawing. After about 16 years, and recently arrived in Spain, I was inspired to take the pencil again. Now, after a long time doing this work, which has also changed me a lot as a person, I know that each illustration is a step in my life of my own personal growth. To make my works I use different pencils, graphite and charcoal My art is an abstract art based on a divine connection through intuition.