Martin Holzapfel Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Ruelle contains both a bed and seating element. The head of the bedframe rests squarely on the benchseat, which enables a certain freedom for individual positioning, while still maintaining interdependence of the elements. Each person can define his or her personal space, as the seat creates an intimate interactive area in the bedroom. Yet, at the same time, the seat is a continuous element of the bed, thus connecting the two sleepers.

Consisting of a two-part seat element with shelf and bed-frame, the bed Ruelle can be easily assembled and dismantled. The bed-frame is reinforced by two struts and all-round supporting frame inside, and it is firmly screwed. In addition, the corners are attached with special bed connectors and rawlplugs.

Originally, the term ruelle used to refer to the small alleyway between the bed and the wall. As beds tended to accommodate many people, the small ruelle, used when getting up or lying down, was one of the very first personal spaces, the threshold between public and private life.

Dimensions: Bed frame: 144/164/184x 204 cm; with a seat length of 144 cm or 234; for bedframes over 164 cm, the length is 280 cm

Ruelle (white or gray) 160/180 cm wide, bench: 280 cm Euro 1950,-
Ruelle (white or gray) 200 cm wide, bench: 320 cm Euro 2090,-


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