Ming Yi Chou Biography

Taichung, Taiwan, 1969

Established Chinese artist Ming Yi Chou works in an abstract style, searching for the infinite in opposite directions, on one hand the universal and on the other the microscopic.

Realism in Chinese painting does not try to reflect an object exactly how it is, but to capture it through the senses; to subjectively express what is hidden behind the outer appearance of things.

Yi Chou obtained her degree in Design from the University of Ling Tung (Taiwan). She received her Master?s in Sevilla where she also studied third year in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Santa Isabel de Hungria. Her studies focused on engraving techniques.

She has participated in various group and solo exhibitions and has shown her work in museums and galleries all over Spain, including La Sala Postigo in Sevilla, La Sala Aldeasa in Madrid and la Saña de Exposiciones Unamuno de la Junta Castilla y Leon in Salamanca.

Yi Chou has received a number of prizes recognizing her work including first prize in the Graphic Arts Competition for Young Creators put on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Madrid.

SELECTED MUSEUMS & COLLECTIONS - Fundacion C.I.E.C. Centro Internacional de la Estampa Contemporanea, Betanzos. - Facultad de Bellas Artes, Sevilla. - Museo de Paisaje, Priego de Cordoba. - Banco Hispano, Sevilla. - Ayuntamiento de ?Junta de castilla y Leon?, Salamanca. - Ayuntamiento de la Rinconada, Sevilla. - Royal Talens, Barcelona. - Tiendas Aldeasa, Madrid. - Ayuntamiento de la Villa de Pilas, Sevilla. - Ayuntamiento de Utrera, Utrera. - Calcografia Nacional Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid. - Gruas Lozano, Sevilla. - Museo del arte Contemporaneo, Taipei, Taiwan. - Fundacion Cultural del Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Tecnicos de Sevilla.