Molleda Biography

Spanish artist, Molleda is a well-known cartoonist and painter, in Spain.

Trained at the School of Graphic Arts, Circulo de Bellas Artes and the Royal Conservatory of Music, all in Madrid, Spain.

Molleda's work has been published in leading Spanish publications, such as: - La Codorniz - Hermano Lobo - Cocodrilo Leopoldo - Las Barricadas (Inrtervu) - Diario Madrid - Diario Pueblo - Informativos TVE - Diario 16 - Europa Press Agency - Madrid Sindical

In the words of Santos AMESTOY, art critic, writer and director, public relations of Prado Museum (Madrid):

" While his career as cartoonist and illustrator in prestigious publications is well known; it is his facet as an excellent painter that is not known. He possesses a splendid technique and a sensibility that ensures a very special perspective of the world. "