Natalia Ramirez Biography

Artistic Curriculum: Natalia Ramirez (Nara). (Cuba.1968). Lic Art History. Specialist, promoter, curator of visual arts.


• Expo collectively. II Biennial of Art and Mental Health. Sept. October 2003.Cd. Havana, Cuba.

• Expo collectively. Project Avellaneda. Community Workshop on Gender and Art. Centro Habana. 2004. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Expo collective "Among Friends". Centro de Arte Rodriguez de la Cruz. MCPI Boyeros. July 2004. Ciudad Habana. Cuba.

• Expo collectively. Art Gallery of Matanzas. 2004. Cuba.

• Expo bipersonal "Less Mas". with artist John Leo Brouwer. Theater Lobby Guanabo Avenues. Nov.2004. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Expo collective Arab Union of Cuba. Nov. 2004. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

Collective Expo Hall • Small Format. Gallery L. January. 2005. Ciudad Habana. Cuba.

• Expo collectively. Tribute to the International Day of Women. Scale Model of Havana. MCPI Beach. February 2005. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Biennial of Illustration. Fayad Jamis Gallery. October 2005. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Expo collective tribute to the painter Fayad Jamis. Oct-Nov 2005. Fayad Jamis Gallery. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Painting Project Expo Slavs, Asia House Art Center. March 2006. Cuba.

• Painting Project Slavic collective Expo. Fedime (International Federation of Women). June 2006. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Expo World Cities Gallery. January 2007. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Expo Earthly Spell staff. Hotel Colina. May-June 2008. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

• Her works have been marketed by several national galleries and Origins Gallery, the Grand Theater of Havana, Galería Carmen Montilla Gallery Martalena painter, Gallery L, artists Draft Prado, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Hotel Panorama. Ciudad Habana, Cuba. , She has attended courses and workshops in visual arts, drawing, painting and ceramics. Ciudad Habana, Cuba.

Many of his works are in the hands of private collectors, as: John Canavesi, Katja Vandl, Aude Boursin, Rino Ferrara, Laura Casamitjana, Gianni Gennai, Mayra de Armas, Vratusa Majda, Maria de Jesus de Anda, and / o. Based in countries such as Argentina, England, Spain, Australia, Germany, Russia, France, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, USA: U.S., Mexico, Greece, Canada and Chile, and / o.

Artist's Statement

Discover an emotional impulse, essentially positivist, is the constant assumption of an artist, committed to an honest work and if passes, by the lofty path of abstraction, that feeling becomes more complex. Each step in my artistic projection, urges emotional states, sometimes chaotic, sometimes of complete peace of mind, in order to achieve an intimate-essentialist freedom, expressed through gestural strokes, informal, or spatial and dominate the spontaneous pulse impulsive gesture, sometimes thought, integrated and supported in a palette based primarily on the hot range, where red, orange, yellow, have the primacy, accented with browns, sepia or burnt sienna, designed by its meaning, as holding the energy charge. Red emerges as the very fire of life, oranges and yellows, with their vital energy, the sienna, sepia and browns, as inherent elements of the earth. My issues come and go under a very personal imprint, combining elements of African Americans, eclectic, or sometimes emphasizing symbols marked by some experiential event, such as the image of the ladder. In most of the compositions there is a tendency toward verticality, made with a deliberate purpose markedly, in defiance of the spatial distribution of light and shadow, and the atmosphere created by the combination of planes and volumes, calculated by a discourse of experimentation mater in the entire creative process, where the fabric or other support acquire a visual meaning, punctuated almost every time by the quick touch or the broken line. Occasionally some ways, they acquire a symmetric projection with geometric elements whim of several where the triangle or inverted pyramid, are central. I identify with Rothko, poetic research on irregular forms, with indefinite borders, to ensure smooth surfaces, without much interest in achieving balance superfluous, and if effects caused by the texture, or pastiche, provided that support me represents a challenge, because of their format, activating a virtual image, where I'm projecting each plane, from an intimate position. With Jackson Pollock, he joins his sense of informality and the use of Dripping. On those, I concentrate on building and building the composition with the use of different materials such as brush, spatula, or my own hands. Ms. Natalia Ramírez (Nara)