Nguyen Hien Biography

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Exhibitions: 2006 Exhibition (group) in Singapore introduced by Ngan Pho gallery.

4/2018 Solo Exhibition Inner peace & Dream.

8/2018 Exhibition (group) Haiphong Artists. 12/2018 Exhibition (group) Haiphong and Unshan (Korea) Artists.

Artist's Statement

Artist Nguyen Hien with a happiness energy inspired in every artwork In my opinion, firstly, a painting is an artwork and then is the vital energy spread out by the artist. I always believe that people have their own energy. That energy radiated from a happy person can bring joys to the others. But a person in a bad mood or with a wicked thought can impact a negative energy on the others. The energy built up from abundance of sincere prayers could make a natural stone become a sacred, spiritual stone. With each artwork of mine, I have spent on it a lot of time with all my concentration and I strongly believe that the peaceful stillness of my energy could be spread out through the paintings to audiences. The peaceful energy in painting could make viewers earn a sense of happiness. Happiness is generated from externalities but how to feel the happiness depends on the inner of mind. In today’s hectic pace of life, it is easy to lose stillness in mind therefor the happiness becomes more difficult to get. Why adults are less happy than they used to be? Because children growing up in their innocent childhood without worriment makes they are happy. That why almost adults wish to get tickets to childhood, although if they were billionaires or powerful people, they would never get. They only could fulfill that dream through the artworks such as poems, music, and art painting. I also specialise in a subject of Mother and Children. Parents in general and Mothers in particular always love their children unconditionally. I painted those pictures by all my consciousness with my mother. Looking at them, we can feel the time suspended, only endless love that mother send to her children. I would try to capture that feel and that love in my paintings so that day by day, that emotional energy is spreading out and reminding us to honor our parents. Happiness and depression in parallel are always around us; however, to gain happiness, we need to have an inner peace in our mind and learn how to let depressions go. The simple way to give up unhappiness is smiling. When we are smiling, our hearts are opened with love and received happy energy from the others more entirely. Therefore, in my works, there are full of smiles.