Frequently Asked Questions About Art Display

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Display

Should art be hung or shown by color or content?

Displaying art, similar to purchasing art is a personal choice. While there are no hard or fast rules, and art displayed by color can look terrific, we recommend hanging art by content. Place your artworks together and figure what ties them. Hanging works with similar or identical frames also works.

Subsequently, you can also decide which pieces should be displayed on their own. Often, larger pieces, very powerful themes and well-known art works are best displayed alone.

Try to avoid hanging dark and light pieces alternatively.

What is the right height to hang the artworks?

Try to avoid hanging the paintings or other wall pieces too high. The right placement for wall art is to ensue that the middle of the artworks is at the eye level for the average adult. Naturally, art in children’s room can be hung lower.

Can I display antique artworks along with contemporary pieces?

Yes, you can combine the old with the new or modern with contemporary. Simply, try to ensure that the size of the artworks is different.

Can I display vertical artworks with horizontal pieces?

Yes, you can display vertically aligned art with horizontal works. When you are doing so, please ensure that the center of each work is aligned.

Can I display larger pieces with smaller ones?

Yes, you certainly can, as long as the middle of each work is aligned.

Should I try to match the wall color with the colors of the artwork?

Not necessarily. What is the most important factor is to focus on the entire room or the space and see if the painting or photograph works.

How does the color of the wall affect the artworks?

In general, more traditional or classical artworks also look great on darker wall shades; whereas, contemporary artworks look beter on more neutral and lighter walls.

Does wall fabric or wallpaper work with hung art?

Wall fabric can provide an interesting and gentle background for artworks. Wallpaper may be a harder background to work with. If you are going to display art, opt for a muted wall fabric or wallpaper. Only simple artworks should be hung on colorful and extravagant wallpapers.

Should I line the displayed art with furniture and bookshelves, etc?

No, it is more interesting to make the decision to hang art, independently. Often, lining up the edges of the art with furniture or doors gives a very unnatural and unflattering result.