Hanging Your Art

Hanging Your Art

If you did not buy your artwork with a particular setting in mind, choosing just where to hang it can be as much of a challenge as selecting it in the first place. There are many guidelines for hanging art, of course all of them must be modified according to your own particular home. You may need to try a number of places before you settle on just the spot for your new acquisition.

Finding the right spot

Your home will have varying characteristics that can be matched to your artwork. In the home there are public areas (kitchen, hallway, living room) and more private areas (bedroom or study). On the whole, small or intimate artworks will probably be more suited to the bedroom or to quiet corners of the home, while larger, more ostentatious pieces are recommendable for the living room.

Integrating your new art with your existing decor

If you are set on placing a certain artwork in a certain room, but feel the art just isn’t of the same style, careful framing can help to integrate a it with a certain look. If, for example, you have a light pine kitchen and you want to hang a black and white photograph there, choosing a light pale frame will integrate the natural look of your kitchen with the modern feel of black & white photography. Similarly, a state of the art, chrome and black leather furnished living room could accommodate a brightly colored still life print presented in an elegant silver or black frame.

Combining artworks

As your collection grows, you will see that combining various artworks in one room is also a challenge. Each artwork has its own voice and personality. Just as with people, this can either clash with or compliment the characteristics of another artwork.
You will begin to see that you have to take into consideration the entire room when hanging each piece. This is a challenging experience, but the end result can be truly wonderful.

Be sensible

Aesthetics aside, the most important consideration when choosing where to hang your new artwork should always be its safety. Never hang original art in direct sunlight or where the piece could be subject to fluctuating temperatures or dampness.

On your level

Always bear in mind that the 'eye-level' changes from one part of the house to another. For example, artworks hung in a hallway or entrance will always be seen at eye-level of a standing person. However, the average eye-level will fall dramatically in the living room, where people are generally sitting down. In such rooms, art should be hung a lot lower, in order to be fully enjoyed.

Note: If you have any questions or clarifications, about your new PicassoMio artwork, we are always available to help you at: customer@picassomio.com