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Edition: There was a total edition of 145 proofs made on various papers. Our example is from a series of 25 proofs made on japon imperiale. A later facsimile edition was published in Geneva in 1973 in a 280 x 220 mms) Printed by : Louis Fort, Paris, France. Reference: Patrick Cramer :”Pablo Picasso - The Illustrated Books” number 19 - page 54 George Bloch: Catalogue de l’oeuvre grave et lithographie 1904 - 1967 - Volume 1 - number 101 Brigitte Baer : Picasso - Peintre-Graveur” Catalogue Raisonee de l’oeuvre grave et lithographie et des monotypes 1899 - 1931 - Volume 1 - number 145 Note: This is a plate from the book “Les Metamorphoses” by the ancient Roman poet Publius Ovidus Naso (Ovid). The book was published by the French author Albert Skira on the suggestion of Pierre Matisse (son of the famous artist and a prominent Art Dealer in New York). Skira translated the text into French and the work, it was agreed, would be illustrated with Picasso’s specially made etchings. Picasso had just started his affair with his young mistress, Marie Therese Waller, and her features are to be found throughout the series and definitely on our piece. Picasso’s style was one of classical contours and discreet eroticism. The total number of etchings made in the series was 15 all of which had remorques. Many claim this to be the most beautiful work illustrated by Picasso and the finished work was presented to the artist by Skira on his 50th birthday. It is a rare example of where Picasso specifically referred to the text of a work for which he specifically made illustrations. The copper for this work, according to Baer, was effaced. There was also made a later facsimile edition on smaller paper.

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