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Printing: Printed by the photographer in 1989 Authenticity: A certificate from Jean-Luc Mercie, the photographic expert and author of numerous books accompanies this purchase. Ref: Picasso Vu par Villers photographies, page 25 Note: Note: This is part of a series of famous photographs taken by Andre Villers, a friend and confidant of Picasso. Andre Villers met Picasso in the street in Vallauris in 1953 when Villers stopped to take his photograph. From this chance meeting a great friendship grew between the two artists which was to result in numerous photographs of Picasso, his friends and his studio. Villers has held solo exhibitions all over Europ e and many of his prints are held in the permanent collections at the Picasso Museums in Paris, Barcelona, Vallauris and Antibes. He has worked closely with the writer Jacques Prevert and the photographer David Douglas Duncan. This was taken during the filming of “Le Mystere Picasso”. It was a production directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot released on the 18th May 1956. It was designed to show the artist paintings for the camera allowing the viewer to see his creative processes at work. In the film Picasso paints onto a tran sparent canvas which is filmed from the other side. The film shows up the interaction between artist and director. The latter almost bullies Picasso into completing work quickly to fit into a precise time frame. Picasso’s good humour and humility make him into an engaging and sympathetic character.

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