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Reference: Bloch 1568 ; Baer 1584.B.2 Note: This is number 88 of the 347 series of etchings made between April and August 1968. It depicts a scene from “La Celestine” which was a 15th century Spanish Classic work. This was a dramatised novel in 21 acts, attributed to Fernando de Rojas who published it in Burgos in 1499. This work is considered a pivotal piece of Spanish literature. The plot is a simple one: Calisto is in love with Melebea who spurns him. His butler, Sempronio, suggests he pays an elderly lady called Celestina to act as a go-between and matchmaker. Celestine is a very devious person who does contrive to approach Melebea and create a relationship between the two lovers. Sempronio, however, wants a share of the bribe money and in a quarrel with Celestina, kills her. Calisto falls from a ladder and dies - finally Melebea throws herself from a tower in her fathers house. The grief stricken parent is left alone then to bewail his sadness and misfortune. Picasso was fascinated by the story and when commissioned to create a series of etchings for it worked round the clock to complete them. The finished group of “La Celestine” etchings consisted of 66 pieces. The La Celestine works were a large and important section from the 347 series. Edition: Artists proof. There was an edition of 50 signed and numbered proofs and 17 unnumbered artists proofs of which this is an example. The works inherited by Marina Picasso were all artists proofs and were never annotated as such. Note: The cancelled copper plate which made this etching still exists. It was cancelled in 1979 Size: Paper size: 345 x 280 mms ; Plate size : 147 x 207 mms Printed by: Crommelynck Freres. Provenance: Marina Picasso collection, Succession Picasso, with her oval stamp on verso. The inheritence number record is annotated in pencil. Marina Picasso was the daughter of Picasso’s son Paulo and inherited a large part of her Grandfather’s estate. Over the course of many years she has sold off many of the works inherited from her grandfather and used the money to benefit deprived children all over the world. This piece, therefore, comes with a most excellent provenance. Marina wrote a celebrated book about her Grandfather which was not especially flattering of the artist. 3) Sims Reed, London : Their label verso Published by: Galerie Louis Leeiris, Paris, France

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