Pablo Picasso Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Note: This Iconic portrait is the one which was preffered by Picasso’s wife, Jacqueline Roque, and is the only one which hung in their house in Mougins. The portrait can be seen hanging on the wall of our Andre Gomes portrait photograph which we currently have in stock. It is a picture of Henrietta Gomes sitting with Manitas de Plata and Picasso in 1969. Literature: This is a celebrated portrait of the artist which is illustrated in many works including “Provence Noire”, 1955. See also the work “The Private Picasso” by Edward Quinn and Pierre Daix. This work obviously deals with Quinn’s photographs relating to Picasso. However on page 249 we can see a colour photograph of the artist etching in his room and on the wall, in the background, is a version of our photograph. The photo is taken by Gilles Ehrmann. Condition: In excellent condition.

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