Patricia Vicente Biography

Patricia Vincente , born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , on August 27, 1958 , currently resides in Villa La Angostura , Neuquén . Studied and it has been refined through the pupil of artist Rodolfo Insaurralde , Professor Marcela de Mita , having also performed , with both seminars . She has participated in group exhibitions in the 1st . and 2nd . Night of the Arts , the Municipal Exhibition Hall in San Martin de los Andes. Through Bariloche states at the Civic Center, in the city council with his solo exhibition , ' IlusionARTE- also . Has been called for individual samples in a prestigious Brewery Bariloche -La Cruz - in 2011 and 2012 as also called in Room Dance month to show her paintings in Ex Mail Bariloche Civic Center , where she presented - Classic and Sensual . Also participated in the Fifth Meeting of Painting in Villa la Angostura. In 2013 , she had solo exhibitions at Hotel Quillen, in Di Como Restaurant, in Holly, Don Moreiras, in Edelweiss Hotel in Bariloche. In La Comarca lodge, Antuquelén Lodge and Bahía Manzano Resort Villa La Angostura. Finally in 2014 he exhibited at Del Puerto Restaurant, La Angostura and Aconcagua Hotel, Bariloche. Who have acquired a serie of paintings to his private collection. Lover of realism and hyperrealism , paint with all her passion . Her work is inspired by the majesty of nature , animals and the perfection and beauty of the human figure . Trying to convey simply, the reasons that move her . For more of his work you can visit / patriciavicente