Patxi Fernandez Navarro Biography

Madrid, 1957

An established Spanish artist, Patxi Fernandez Navarro works in an expressionist style. He has lived and painted throughout Spain, and currently lives in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, an area traditionally known for sailors and fishermen, next to the Mediterranean in Barcelona.

His work is full of life and vitality, and he counts the work of Picasso and Van Gogh among his greatest artistic influences.

Pablo Lanuza, a fellow painter, professor, and art critic talks about the perpetual evolution of Paxti and his work. His works with the human figure, especially the portraits, have abundant spots, in a chaos far from the photographic, but that bring together, with apparent easiness and a charged gesture of drawing force that peculiar trait of his peculiar personalities. An involuntary memory comes to life bringing a very intimate atmosphere, without time or space. With that same strong gesture and colorist skills he makes his landscape scenes, structuring a paint where abstraction and figurative commingle.


2003 - Intimitats, pasteles sobre papel y carton, Hospital del Mar. Barcelona, Spain

2001 - Retrats, Centre Civic Barcelonesa. Barcelona, Spain


2006 - Entre Culturas, Centre Civic Barceloneta. Barcelona, Spain

2005 - Gestual Expressions in Contemporary Art, New York. USA

2004 - Horizontes de Colores, Cenre Civic Barceloneta. Barcelona, Spain

2003 - MAC Opossats, Cenre Civic Barceloneta. Barcelona, Spain

2002 - XP 36, Cenre Civic Barceloneta. Barcelona, Spain

2001 - VI Concurs d?art erotic Josep Blanc, L?Hospitalet, Spain