Paul César Helleu Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Note: This is without doubt a portrait of the artists wife Alice Helleu who was charming, refined and graceful. They married in 1886 and she was his favorite model. Alice was very well connected and introduced Paul to High Society where he became known as a portrait artist especially for beautiful women. Our work seems to be one of only two examples made of this print. It is an especially beautiful example of this artists work and a very great rarity! There is no catalogue raisonee of Helleu’s drypoints many of which, it is known, were made in small quantities as sales progressed. Quite why such a lovely item was made in just 2 copies is rather strange. Perhaps they were specially rare items given to friends who appreciated the music of Madame Helleu! Edition: Annotated : “Tiree a deux epreuves, planche detruit” (Two proofs made - plate cancelled)

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