Paula Bonneaud Biography

Madrid, Spain, 1972

Established Spanish photographer Paula Bonneaud works primarily in black and white, emphasizing the contrast of each piece.

Bonneaud received a diploma in Photography from the University of Paris in France and also studied in Switzerland. She is interested in the relationship between the body and nature in her work.


2006 -

2005 - La Vieille Eglise, Saint-hilaire-d'Ozilhan - Castelas, Rochefort du Gard

2004 - Art?Paillargues, Arpaillargues - Voies Off, des Rencontres d?Arles

2003 - La Figue rit, Vezenobres

2001 - Center of Contemporary Art, Saint-Paul Trois Chateau - Chapelle des Penitents, Piolenc

2000 - Chapelle des Penitents, Piolenc

1999 - Mediterranean House of the Social Sciences, Aix-en-Pce

1998 - Center of Contemporary Art (C.A.C.), Niort

1997 - Gallery sur la Veveyse, Suiza.