Phyllis Tracy Malinow Biography

Allegoric Expressionist Oil Painter •Woodblock Printmaker-Mixed Media • Mask Sculptor

Museum, Solo Exhibition

REFLEXIONES SECRETAS April 1993 Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros, Mexico, D.F., Mexico

Group Exhibitions (partial listing)

NATURAL ELEMENTS Jan 2013-Mar 2014 Artspace ’64 MSKCC, NYC

SING!TUNE WITHOUT WORDSNov2011-Feb2012 Martinez Gallery, Troy, New York

JOY Exhibition Nov 2011 - Jan 2012 Grace Institute Gallery, NYC

NAWA Exhibition May 2011 Sylvia Ward & Po Kim Gallery, NNYC

ORIGINAL SIN/ORIGINAL PECADOSept–Nov2010 Martinez Gallery, Troy, New York

THE WORLD OF ARTISTS May 2010-June 2010 Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY

REAL(ists) Exhibition Jan 2010 – Feb 2010 Selby Gallery,Ringling College of Art and Design Sarasota, Florida

NAWA Exhibits:
Salmagundi Art Club, NYC May 2009 Noyes Museum of Art, NJ Mar - Aug 2009 HUB-Robeson Galleries Feb - April 2009 @Penn State University, University Park, PA Art Envisions Science: May-July2008 Works on Paper
@New York Hall of Science, New York

PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS Mar–June 2008 Corporate Offices, NYC

NAWA Exhibitions: 118th Annual Exhibition Sept 2007

Monroe Center for the Arts, Hoboken, NJ MADE in the USA June–Nov 2007 Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center,Pearl River, NJ

Exhibition of Masks May - June 2006 Venezuelan Consulate, NYC

PRINTMAKERS From Art Students League of NY Sept – Oct 2004 The Lobby Gallery, NYC

SMALL WORKS II: Love Sept 2004 Benefit for the Art Students League of New York Salander - O’Reilly Galleries, NYC

A MESSAGE from NEW YORK Jan-Feb 2003 Traveling International Exhibit of Prints U.S. and Japan The Lobby Gallery, NYC
Sky Gallery Sept-Oct 2002 The Floating Garden Observatory, Osaka, Japan

ART in EMBASSIES PROGRAM American Art Exhibition1999 – 2002 c/o U.S. Department of State, U.S. Ambassadorial Residence -The Hon. Amb. Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick, Niamey, Niger, Africa

Public and Private Collections

The Print Club of Albany, New York Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros, Mexico, D.F., Mexico Bellevue Hospital Center, New York City Private Collections (Listing is available on request)


2005 - Gladys B. Blum Memorial Award (Graphics) National Association of Women Artists

2002-Solo Exhibition Award (Mixed Media) 2000-Margaret Sussman Memorial Award(Graphics) 2000-Gertrude E. Mills Mem. Award (Mixed Media)
1999- Forbes Inc. Award & Merit Award (Painting)
The Pen and Brush, Inc

Art Study

The Art Students League of New York, NYC Los Angeles Community College, Los Angeles,CA


Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC
National Association of Women Artists-NY Chapter National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington, DC Martinez Gallery, Troy, New York

Misc. Information:

In 2002, curated artwork for painter, the late Anthony Palumbo for his Retrospective Exhibition at the Art Students League of New York; prepared all support materials for show and catalogue During the 1970’s, worked In Broadway theatre with master Set/Lighting Designer, the late Jo Mielziner and Director/Writer, the late Abe Burrows on “Hellzapoppin!”

Artist's Statement

My background was in theatre working with a Broadway master set and lighting designer whose classic, innovative images were inspirational; my father had been a W.P.A. artist whose imagery reflected our society of that era and my mentor was greatest guiding force in bringing these extraordinary influences together. These powerfully gifted, different individuals propelled experimenting and development of my personal, imaginative visual expression. My art departs from tradition rooted from a mysterious, primitive place within. I am impassioned to paint, create monoprint woodcuts, mixed media woodcuts and masks. Allegoric Abstraction/Expression is how life translates. Texture, color, story, form, movement and materials compel my painterly prints, as well as, oil paintings. Reaching out through Art is where I can communicate the human experience. My personal vision and imagination are the oeuvre for my visual storytelling, humanity and spirituality. In 1993, I was invited to have a one-woman exhibition of oil paintings at the Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City. This museum was dedicated and named after Mexican muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros. My exhibit was well received by the art community and newspapers. My art has been included in numerous group shows in New York and abroad. In 1999, my paintings were included in an exhibition of American art through the Art in Embassies Program, c/o U.S.Department of State, U.S. Ambassadorial Residence in Niamey, Niger, Africa for three years. “The work of Phyllis Tracy Malinow is vibrant, full of life, and from her heart...” Richard Pantell, 2001 “From her stunning reverence for textured color, Phyllis Tracy Malinow gives us a most thoughtful and captivating poetry...” William Scharf, 1999 “Phyllis Tracy Malinow creates an unusual effect with an enormous smiling figure that dominates each large painting...” ARTSPEAK, 1992 “Phyllis Tracy Malinow’s abstractions of large powerful, all enveloping symbols are mysterious.” ARTSPEAK, 1991