reni bifamo von Biography

I m an Artist sincè I m 13 years old, I was in artgroup Stark, I created with 15 my first product , a Rose, which you could put on a Collier, Beasley aso

Later I study design in Berlin, After in 2001 I opened my own boutique de luxe a Bonn with my gallery inside and consulting.

Now I be in Monaco since 12 years and create my artstyle de luxe glitzy , before in Baden Baden.

I work in different events L'Open Artist, Villa Rothschild, IDD art group as artmodel and artist, aso

I get here a 1.Art prize with my tableaux"Homage Baronin Rothschild",with a naturell Rose inside.

I create my own fashion style, write Poeme, chansons a d sing them, create interior design, architecture aso.

I sing here in choral Soprano and other voices.

I was at the IFS Cologne, an actress, script writer, art director

I know personell Mr. Burda, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene and a lot of other international famous person.

Artist's Statement

The greatest artist is for me the Natur I like it pur I like to give my best every day That I like say