Ricardo Calo Biography

Galicia, Spain, 1962

Self-taught, emerging Spanish artist Ricardo Calo is devoted to investigation and observation, in order to discover his own pictorial world. Hands, paint, canvas, brushes and imagination are the tools that he uses to create his works.

The artist comments:

?My work is created through an idea or a thought (without models). It can be inspired by literature, or by art, as in the case of Munch?s ?The Scream.? _The world that surrounds me:

Preventative wars.

The globalized world.

New technologies.

Where science is going.

Genetic modification of the human being.

Artificial intelligence.

Religions and their dogmas.

Political orders.

These are some examples of the ideas or thoughts that arise in the mind of the author in the moment of working on a new pictorial work."_