Robert Beauchamp Biography

American contemporary artist, Robert Beauchamp, is an acclaimed painter and printmaker, whose work has been compared to the likes of DEKOONING, FRANCIS BACON, ROBERT HENRY and PHILIP GUSTON.

Beauchamp (pronounced Beecham) has exhibited in the most prominent New York galleries, since 1955. His recent work has a stark immediacy and direct impact.

A selected list of his SOLO EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

  • Sindin Gallery, New York

  • T.Dintenfass Gallery, New York

  • University of Southern Florida at Tampa

  • Dam Gallery, New York

  • French and Co., New York

  • Simone Stern Gallery, New Orleans

  • Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

  • Graham Gallery, New York

  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Univ. ot Utah, Salt Lake City

  • Tirca Karlis Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.

  • Obelisk Gallery, Boston

  • American Gallery, New York

  • East End Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.

  • Bradford Junior College, Bradtord, Mass.

  • HCE Gallery, Provincefown, Mass.

  • Green Gallery, New York

  • Felix Landau Gallery, Los Angeles

  • Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago

  • Sun Gallery, Provincetown, Mass.

  • Great Jones Gallery, New York

  • March Gallery, New York

  • Tanager Gallery, New York

A selected list of COLLECTIONS and MUSEUMS holding works by this artist:

  • Hirshorn Museum, Washington, D.C.

  • Museum of Modern Art, New York

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

  • Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh

  • Denver Museum of Art, Denver

  • Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Conn.

  • University of Mass. at Amherst

  • University of California

  • The Amer. Federation of Arts Purchase Fund

  • University of Texas

  • Mr. Walter P. Chrysler

  • Mr. Walter K. Gutman

  • Mr. Richard Brown Baker

  • Mr. Jack Poses

  • Mr. Joseph H. Hirshorn

  • Mr. Leo Castelli

  • Mr. Robert Scull

  • Mr. Lawrence Shainberg

  • Mr. Maximillian Schell

  • Ms. Joan Baer