Sarrias Cruxent Biography

Sarrias Cruxent

Born in Barcelona Spain He studied graphic design and later took courses in drawing and ceramics at various art studios

Cruxent Sarrias's work is based on classical compositions of urban cities, still life and landscape.

His work is a semifiguracion which highlights the importance of color and light, working with the rigidity of the spatula and sinuous shapes represented with the line and the spot, taking different color ranges.

Merging form and content, looking for empty spaces with a certain lightness of the fabric and paper in order to lighten the work.

Techniques and compositions are attached to a chromatic range to accentuate the light, a concept that he considers his main concern.


Individual Barcelona Ida Sennacheribbo Gallery Barcelona La Caixa Group Exhibition Madrid Contemporary Art Supermarket Hipermerc'Art Barcelona La Roca Company Stores Group Exhibition Collective Art Works Collection Compact Group Exhibition Hipermerc'Art Madrid Las Rozas Individual exposure Batik Art Exposition d'artistes collective Llibres Ida Sennacheribbo Barcelona Collective Art Gallery Batik Art Group Art Exhibition in Seville Group Exhibition Anna Barcons Gallery in Coma ruga Group Exhibition Barcelona Mac 21 Contemporary Art Fair Group Exhibition Malaga Marbella Toranto Gallery Solo Exhibition Barcelona Mostra D'Art Solo Exhibition BCN Barcelona Barna Group Exhibition Gallery Espai d'Art Gallery Group Exhibition Francoli CIBIC House Collective Center Sagnier Individual exposure Batik Art BCN Mostra D'Art Group Exhibition Fair Collective The Hague Netherlands

Exhibitions abroad

Museum of Americas USA group exhibition Pomona California USA. Art Fair Frankfurt Group exhibition Terrace Gallery Group exhibition Colombia Museum Contemporary Art Group exhibition Colombia Galeria Vieira Portugal


Museum of the Americas in Miami USA Latino Art Museum Pomona (California) USA Work in Philadelphia (collector)

Books Catalog Latino Art Museum Yearbook 2oo8 Pomona California USA They in Art Book

Targeton special mention in the Salon exhibition of int. Painting From 2008 Colombia Review of work from 75 artists from 13 Countries