How should sculptures be displayed?

How should sculptures be displayed?

Sculpture offers dynamic possibilities not found in two-dimensional artworks, appealing to both our sight and our sense of touch. PicassoMio’s sculptures are attention-getters in any setting, becoming the focal points of the rooms where they are displayed, and around which conversation and admiration flow.

Because sculpture is three dimensional, displaying it requires a different approach from the wall-hung art forms. Here are some things to keep in mind when displaying sculpture:

- Sculpture can, and usually should if possible, occupy a space where it can be viewed from any angle.

- Most sculpture will have a visual presence almost anywhere in the space chosen, however nearly every sculpture has an ideal viewing height and a preferred viewing angle. To really highlight your sculpture, try different heights and angles by experimenting with different supports and locations in the room.

- While sculpture is often displayed on a pedestal, integrating sculpture into your home can easily be achieved by using an existing table for display in lieu of a special pedestal.

-Experiement with mixing contemporary sculpture with more traditional elements of your décor. Don't be afraid to try a beautiful 3-dimensional form on the antique table in your family room.

-If you have questions about how to display your sculpture, please feel free to consult a PicassoMio art expert. We’d love to help.

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