What is a limited-edition sculpture?

What is a limited-edition sculpture?

Sculpture may be created in a variety of media, but in all cases, it will fall into one of two categories: unique or mulitples. Unique or one-of-a-kind sculptures are generally created with materials such as stone, wood, mixed media, or metals. On the other hand, bronze sculptures are generally multiples, typically cast in editions with each casting considered an original work of art.

How is it possible to have more than one original within a series? First the artist creates an original model in clay, plaster or wax, from which series of negative and positive molds is taken. The sculpture is cast in the final mold. What makes each work original is the finishing process that comes after the casting.

A LIMITED EDITION sculpture retains and appreciates its value over an OPEN EDITION sculpture because there are fewer made. For example, an edition of 45 means there will only be 45 of that sculpture produced, (plus an Artist Proof or Foundry Proof possibly). The lower the edition the higher the value of each individual piece within the edition will increase. Open editions mean that an artist will produce as many sculptures as the demand warrants. Often, open editions are unnumbered and difficult to know how many are cast.

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